'YES WORLD Inspires everyone to SAVE EARTH through major

everyone to SAVE EARTH through major

The event

held at the Constitutional Club of India, New Delhi was attended by SAVE EARTH Activist

The first

major outreach program under SAVE EARTH MISSION was entirely focused on the kickoff of global

One major theme

of the event revolved around the kids taking more active participation in climate actions

And they

will have to act themselves without having to wait for others to start

While speaking during

the event, YES WORLD Promoter Sandeep Choudhary said that a community-driven bottom-up approach is

He said

that India is the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases to the environment, and hence

He added

that we are the first and last generation to feel the heat of global warming

So, it’s

paramount that we announce global warming as a global emergency and start acting now


EARTH MISSION gets a more mainstream acknowledgement after this event

Tiwari added

that the YES WORLD community empowers people with the right information and inspires them to

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