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Water Company Shames The Hamptons’ Billionaire 

Water company shames the Hamptons’ billionaire water hogs

The Suffolk County Water Authority released a list of the top water users upon request from media organizations under FOIL

and readers will be stunned to learn a number of billionaires are on it, with Jonathan Tisch near the top.

While the average home uses 130,000 gallons of water a year, the Southampton mansion belonging to the Loews honcho gulped down seven million gallons last year.

Other aquatic offenders include media mogul James “Sprinkelstein” Finkelstein at four million

 and real estate guru Robert “The Tub Man” Taubman (we assume he takes a lot of baths) at six million.

Joann Richter — the wife of Oscar-winning Hollywood screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, who penned “A Beautiful Mind”

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