'“Unacceptable Behaviour,” Simon Doull Hits Out At Kagiso Rabada

Doull Hits Out At Kagiso Rabada

However, things didn’t

go as per the plans of PBKS and the LSG batters ripped apart

What hurt PBKS

more was the amount of extras given by their bowlers, leader of the Punjab

Gurnoor Brar

also gave two no-balls but as Kagiso is a senior cricketer, he is expected to

Simon Doull states

that such behaviour is unacceptable from an international player

He is

of the opinion that Kagiso keeps pushing it all the time because even when he

PBKS fell short

by 56 runs as the whole team got bundled up for 201 in 19

“Even My Country Didn’t

Invest That Much On Me,” Andre