'Twitter Goes Crazy As Akshay Kumar’s Movies To Release

As Akshay Kumar’s Movies To Release

The year 2022

was not a good one for Bollywood and for actor Akshay Kumar in particular because

Akshay Kumar kept

on making headlines throughout the year, either for his poor acting performances or for

It won’t

be wrong to say that his charm failed to entice viewers and people don’

However, what surprised

many is the fact that despite giving so many flops in 2022, Akshay is still

A Twitter handle

informed everyone that six movies of the “Baby” star will be releasing in 2023 and

There will be

an #AkshayKumar film releasing every 2 months in 2023

Here is the

list of six movies of Akshay Kumar which are schedule to release in 2023:

A movie

based on the life-story of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – Vedant Marathe Veer Daudale Saat

Obviously he don't

care about story or acting he wants money that's it

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