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Trish Stratus Is Heading Back To WWE 

Trish Stratus is heading back to WWE for a string of shows

Though Trish Stratus hasn’t wrestled in a match since SummerSlam 2019, the WWE Hall of Famer 

unquestionably remains one of the most popular women to ever lace up her boots and step into the ring. 

She’s wrestled 500-plus matches, all of which took place inside the WWE Universe

and her efforts were rewarded with not one, not two, but eight stints with either the WWF or the WWE Women’s Championship belt for a grand total of an 828-day reign.

So naturally, as WWE returns to Canada for a pair of house shows in Kingston, Ontario, on August 20 and the Sunday Stunner house show in London, Ontario, on August 21

it was only right for the company to give Stratus the call to see if she wants to get in on the festivities.

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