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Trey Lance Gets Brutally Honest On 49ers’ Preseason Loss

NFL‘Some ugly stuff out there’: Trey Lance gets brutally honest on disappointing showing in 49ers’ preseason loss to Texans

On paper, the San Francisco 49ers should be better than the Houston Texans. 

Based off of their past performances and their roster, the Bay Area squad should easily handle their opponents.

However, their preseason game told a different story. In a shocking turn of events, the new-look San Francisco offense was shut out by the Texans.

Yes, it’s the preseason. Overreaction to preseason games is a mortal sin die-hard NFL fans commit regularly. However, it’s hard not to be concerned by this result.

 If you ask the 49ers, though, they aren’t too worried about the result. Take Trey Lance, for example, who said that while there was “some ugly stuff”

It never feels good to lose… But we’ll learn from it, turn the page. Not going to make a bigger deal out of it than we need to, for sure.

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