'Thief Emailed Owner & Apologized For Stealing His Laptop

& Apologized For Stealing His Laptop

The last couple

of years have been pretty tough on majority of people worldwide because of the

There are times

when you get confused whether you should hate a person or have sympathy for

An online user

took the micro-blogging site Twitter and revealed that his laptop got stolen but the

The thief

further wrote that he needed money because of which he stole laptop but he emailed

This is what

the thief wrote in an email with the title “Sorry for the laptop” –

I needed

the money as I have been struggling to make ends meet

I see

that you were busy with a research proposal, I have attached it and if (there)

The Twitter user

posted the screenshot of the email with the caption, “They stole my laptop last

They stole my

laptop last night and they sent me an email using my email, I have

Twitterati soon reacted

on this matter and there were many who sympathized with the thief while few

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