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The Best Tax Software Of

Taxes can be complicated. And with so many changes to federal taxes over the last two years, a tax software that can handle your individual scenario is as important as ever.

Here is the best tax software we tested, ranked in order:
2.H&R Block

TurboTax is a standout among its competitors, especially when it comes to importing information to avoid manual entry.

H&R Block is another user-friendly experience with lots of options for importing data rather than entering it manually.

TaxAct’s free software is designed for simple filers (including those with dependents), college students, retirees, and individuals with unemployment income.

TaxSlayer: You can file a basic 1040 for both federal and state taxes with TaxSlayer at no cost. And if you previously used other software, you can upload a PDF.

You should strongly consider hiring a CPA or tax professional in certain situations, especially if you expect to owe taxes. Here are some scenarios in which you may want to outsource your taxes.

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