'Sundar Gives A Matured Reply To Journo’s Query On

Matured Reply To Journo’s Query On

The Indian cricket

team is going through one of the lowest phases as it has already lost

Earlier it

tasted defeat in the first 2 ODIs and today it will try to save some respect

Even die-hard

fans of the Indian team have lost faith in the players and many of them

He adds

that every match is important for them especially because there are not many games (before

As per

Washington Sundar, the Indian players are of the mindset that they have to play to

Washington Sundar also

says that he wants to be completely ready to play whatever role he is

The 3rd ODI

has started and by the time this article was written, India had scored 290/1 in 34

1 overs with

Ishan Kishan (197 runs) and Virat Kohli (83 runs) on the crease

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