'Starbucks Is Selling Filter Coffee For Rs 290+ Taxes,

Filter Coffee For Rs 290+ Taxes,

The prices of

food items vary from one outlet to another, from one brand to the other

Well, something of

this sort is happening on a daily basis as a samosa which is mostly

200 per

piece at airports and now Starbucks is also doing the same thing

Starbucks is an

American international coffee chain which has more than 33K stores in 80 countries

Recently, a

Twitter user Adithya Venkatesan posted an image of an advertisement in which Starbucks is promoting

Dear Strbucks, there's

literally no ajji in god's green earth who'll approve a filter coffee for 290rs +

Tasty filter coffee

is easily available in Bengaluru or other south Indian cities in the range of

20-30 so

it was quite obvious that the Indian Twitterati reacted quite strongly

Ajji used to

masale dose and coffee for around 35 Paisa back in the days What makes you

Why would anyone

buy filter coffee from Starbucks!! Missing the whole authentic element

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