'SS Rajamouli Reacts To His Old Comment, “Hrithik Roshan

To His Old Comment, “Hrithik Roshan

M Keeravani, the

music composer of the song, received the award and what made it a bigger

Apart from India,

“RRR” has been loved by the overseas audiences as well and SS Rajamouli along

However, a controversy

has also erupted after an old video of SS Rajamouli has surfaced in which

Recently, the director

gave an interview in which he apologized for his old comment

Rajamouli said

that it happened a very long time back, may be 15-16 years ago but he

However at

the same time, he also said that he never wanted to insult Hrithik Roshan as

The original comment

was made by SS Rajamouli when he attended a press event for Telugu movie “

The filmmaker went

on to say that after seeing the poster, songs and trailer of “Billa”, he

Rajamouli also

thanked Meher Ramesh for making a movie which would take Telugu movie industry to Hollywood

There is no

denying the fact that SS Rajamouli has now taken Telugu movie industry at a

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