'Shakib Al Hasan Gets Mercilessly Trolled For Saying ‘We

Gets Mercilessly Trolled For Saying ‘We

The Indian squad

has played 3 matches till now out of which it has won 2 and lost 1; at

India will certainly

like to win its next two matches in order to ensure that it reaches

During a pre-match

press conference, the Bangladeshi cricket team skipper Shakib Al Hasan states that the Indian

He further

says that his team hasn’t came here to win the World Cup so if

Wow 🤩 such

an inspiring captian leading from front with upsetting words,nothing can beat this guys positivity

Come on Shakib!

U are captaining a team which came into super 12

At least

act a bit competitive, don’t voice your terriblly defeatist mindset

How will

you inspire your younger generation when you say you aren't there to compete

We are not

here to win the world cup? Then? To enjoy rain in Australia ? 🥺

— Piyu 👩‍⚕️

🇮🇳 Nutrition Jeevi 🍒🍇 (@PiyuNair) November 1, 2022

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