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Satta King Result

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यह भी पढ़े 

– सट्टा मट्ठा रिजल्ट आज का जाने 16 नवंबर 2022 

According to information

available on Wikipedia and on some news and media websites

Satta King

is a Lottery based game that used to play in India by Lakhs of people

Earlier this

game was based on the Cotton price that was used to import from Paris

And the

bet was placed on the open and closing rates of the Cotton

Before the independence

of India from British Colonoiser, this game was also known as “Ankara Jugad”

According to

news rules now this game is being played using Slip and Matka which is known

The answer to

this question is clear and a Big No! Satta playing using money is illegal

Playing Satta

or any Matka Game is completely banned in India

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