'Sachin Disclosed He Refused A ‘Disrespectful’ Ad In 1998

Refused A ‘Disrespectful’ Ad In 1998

Though he

enjoys a huge fan following all over the world and is admired by many of

Sachin Tendulkar has

many records to his name including record of the most runs in ODIs and

The innings was

named as Desert Storm in Sharjah and recently Sachin Tendulkar revealed an incident regarding

He further

added that he refused the ad until the script was changed because it was disrespecting

Tendulkar said that

if he had shot that ad, he wouldn’t have been able to go

He adds

that right values have been infused in him and he always stands by them

He stated

that fortunately the script was changed after which he shot the ad

Sachin Tendulkar bid

goodbye to international cricket in 2013 and in his illustrious career of 24 years, he played 200

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