'Rohit Sharma Hilariously Forgets What To Do After Winning

Forgets What To Do After Winning

Rohit Sharma is

called Hitman by his fans because of his superb hitting style but the skipper

In fact

earlier in an interview, Virat Kohli made fun of Rohit by saying that he has

on plane,

in hotel or somewhere else and now the bus departs only after logistical manager confirms

However, today Rohit

Sharma found himself in an embarrassing situation during the toss as he forgot what

Quite amazingly,

he took almost a minute in saying that India would bowl

While having

a chat with a cricket portal, Rohit Sharma accepted that he forgot what they wanted

He further

added that he had many discussions with the team in regard to the toss and

Rohit Sharma what

a character, this is really funny at toss time

Twitterati also reacted

on this matter and here are some selected tweets:

if u give

more time to eating vadapav than working on team strategies results would be like

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