'Rishabh Pant Met With An Accident, Broke Windscreen To

With An Accident, Broke Windscreen To

The reports suggested

that as the vehicle crashed into the divider, the car instantly caught fire and

Fortunately, Rishabh Pant

has not sustained any burn injuries and the X-Ray reports have confirmed that there

His condition

is out of danger, there are abrasion injuries on his back, two cuts on forehead,

Rishabh Pant accident

| Rishabh has two cuts on his forehead, a ligament tear in right knee &

His condition

remains stable & has now been shifted to Max Hospital, Dehradun: BCCI

The cricketer is

conscious and he is talking and expressing his thoughts in a proper manner

#WATCH | Uttarakhand:

Cricketer Rishabh Pant shifted to Max Hospital Dehradun after giving primary treatment at Roorkee Civil

Rishabh Pant is

under the observation of plastic surgeons and orthopedics at Max Hospital and the hospital

Though there was

a little confusion as to whether Rishabh Pant was driving a Mercedes or BMW,

This car

is certainly one of the best cars when it comes to luxury sedans but it

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