'Ramiz Raja Takes A U-Turn On His Statement Related

A U-Turn On His Statement Related

The venue of

the Asia Cup 2023 has become a controversial matter as both Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)

However if

Pakistan pulls out of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, it may also result in ICC

Recently, Ramiz Raja

appears in a show and he is asked what if the Pak government doesn’

Ramiz makes it

clear that he wants India to forget political tensions and visit Pakistan to play

At the

same time, he also gives example of the FIFA World Cup in order to justify

He said that

around 90K fans turned up at MCG and he is a little upset with

Ramiz Raja further

said that we should let the bat and the ball do the talking as

Do you agree

with Ramiz Raja? Let us know your opinion in this regard

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