'Photos Of “World’s Oldest Known Wild Bird” Go Viral

Oldest Known Wild Bird” Go Viral

The tweet talks

about a bird of Laysan albatross, or mōlī breed which is said to

It was in

1956 that the she was first identified and banded by the biologists with the band

Wisdom, the world’s

oldest known wild bird, recently returned to Midway Atoll!

The beloved Laysan

albatross, or mōlī, is at least 71 years old

Biologists first

identified and banded Wisdom in 1956 after she laid an egg, and the large seabirds aren’

As per an

estimate by USFWS Pacific, Wisdom has laid around 50-60 eggs and around 30 chicks have

It is estimated

that Wisdom has produced 50-60 eggs and as many as 30 chicks that fledged in

It is really

necessary that humans should take good care of bird and animals because their existence

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