'Personal Development on a Shoestring Budget

a Shoestring Budget

The credit crunch

and the present economic situation, has led many people to evaluate their activities and

One of

the areas which tend, to take a back seat during these challenging times, is personal

However, it

is during these times, that greater effort needs to be expended because challenging times require

Challenging times require

innovative ways of dealing with opportunities and obstacles

The “old

rule book” no longer provides all the answers or directions to what many people have

Additionally, what

worked a few months or a year ago may not be very helpful now and

This is the

reason why it is important to consistently engage in personal development, because as life

Personal development need

not be a costly outlay, either, and many activities do not require spending any

Furthermore, personal

development need not be seen as a tedious or cumbersome task because this will defeat

An individual

will benefit tremendously if the personal development journey is seen as a positive exercise, one

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