'“Permanent Leave De Do,” People React As KL Rahul

Do,” People React As KL Rahul

KL Rahul has

earned the name of minnows basher because in the last two T20 World Cups,

The BCCI has

granted KL Rahul leave for his personal work next year

— Prakhar Patwardhan

🇮🇳🇮🇳 (@Pprakhar27) December 1, 2022

He can take

leaves when India plays any important game, that would be helpful for the team

One positive step

from BCCI towards the betterment of INDIAN CRICKET

Give him leave

for 2yrs and after he comes back let him play in domestic

Panauti opener

who failed in 2 consecutive WCs …21WC nd 22WC…not ready to loose another WC bcos

Now he

should continue to stay on leave till next world cup at least

That would

be the best return gift he could give to all ICT fans on his marriage

Take 1 year

honeymoon vacation, let India win WC atleast at home🥲

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