'Palak Tiwari Reveals Salman Khan Has A Rule That

Salman Khan Has A Rule That

Salman Khan starrer

“Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan” will release on 21st April 2023 and with this

Palak is

already a very famous name as she is the daughter of popular actress Shweta Tiwari

However, not many

people are aware of the fact that Palak Tiwari also worked as assistant director

In an

interview, Palak talked about Salman Khan’s behaviour on the sets and how concerned he

Palak states that

Salman Khan has a rule that all the females on his set shouldn’t

Palak further

says that Salman is a traditionalist who is very protective about the women whom he

What is your

opinion in regard to Salman Khan’s protective nature? Share with us

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