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Olivia Flowers' Fans Told Her To Run From Austen Kroll

Olivia Flowers: People told me to ‘run’ from dating Austen Kroll

“Southern Charm” star Olivia Flowers tells that fans told her to “run” from Austen Kroll

after Kroll had controversial appearances on “Summer House” and “Winter House.”

“After ‘Winter House’ and ‘Summer House,’ people were like, ‘oh, really? Run!'” Flowers, 30, tells us of Kroll. “But it was all people that didn’t know him.

No one in his close knit group said anything like that to me. It was more just the strangers watching the shows, like coming in and telling me to be careful, which I appreciate.

Kroll, 35, found himself facing major backlash from fans after he hooked up with “Summer House” co-stars Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller in the same weekend. 

Luckily for him, that doesn’t bother Flowers.

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