'“No Need To Sing In Tune, We’ve Got Machines,”

Sing In Tune, We’ve Got Machines,”

There is no

denying the fact that the new songs of the present times stand nowhere in

She added

that nowadays whenever she is called to sing a song, she sings one line, then

She adds

that even if she asks to sing the line again, they say it’s fine

“One quality you

need to be a professional singer today is …

As the video

clip went viral, people started expressing their feelings on what Kavita Krishnamurthy said

Melodious! I

can feel the pain with today's music industry's 'attitude'

Nowadays even the

remake Kings and Queens have become Superstars 😆😂🤣

Sense the pain

in her voice while describing all this modern singing nonsense

Or ider hum

jaise log jo hindustani classical sikne ki koshish kar rahe hai

As long as

one doesn't know how to sing with and through heart, one never touch the

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