'“Maybe SRK’s Hard Work Doesn’t Show & Ajay’s Does”,

Work Doesn’t Show & Ajay’s Does”,

“Salaam Venky”

also stars “Mardaani 2” fame Vishal Jethwa in an important role along with superstar Aamir Khan

Recently during an

interview, Kajol talks about the superstar Shah Rukh Khan with whom she has given

Kajol said

that from the early days of his career, SRK started recognizing as to who he

She also narrated

an incident which showed how much he loved his fans, Kajol said that once

When Kajol was

asked as to how did Shah Rukh Khan became what he is today, she

She further

adds that may be SRK’s hard work is not visible to the world but

She states

that SRK works all the time to make sure to be who he is but

Kajol also

talks about the change that she has seen in SRK over the years which is

Shah Rukh Khan

took a break from work after a series of flops but now he is

“Cryptos Se Bhi Tez

Gir Rahi Hai,” Sehwag’s Reaction To