'Man’s Strong Claim On Shark Tank India 2 Turning

On Shark Tank India 2 Turning

Shark Tank India,

Where sharks sit on 1000s of crore of loss yet judge low-profit margin of

In another tweet,

he trolls the sharks for not investing in each other’s competition and also

Shark Tank India,

Where sharks do not invest in each other's competition, Bringing nepotism to national TV

In one tweet,

he expresses his unhappiness over the fact that many people watch the show for

Shark tank India,

Where millions tune in to find inspiration, but are left with on-air emotional drama &

He is also

not happy with how the hit reality show of the first season is now

Shark Tank India,

Masterclass on how to take a hit reality show and turn it into soap

He also refers

to Gazal Alagh’s Mamaearth which has turned profitable last year only as it

14 crore

profit in last financial year but it is going for an IPO which is valued at

Shark tank India,

where appearance as a shark gives you the audacity to demand a $3B IPO

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