'Man Tweets Hrithik Roshan’s Film Scenes To Show ‘Employee

Roshan’s Film Scenes To Show ‘Employee

There is no

denying the fact that finding a good job is a very big task and

Many of

us study hard and make enormous efforts to search for a job, we prepare a

There are numerous

stages in the life of an employee and one online user depicted the majority

The Twitter user

shared the thread with the caption, “Employee Life Cycle Memes ft

The first stage

is when the person is ready for the first job interview:

The next meme

talks about the passion to perform which an employee has after he gets the

The next meme

is about the hard work of the employee and he meets the targets at

Once an employee

gets a little old in the organization and he is given more responsibilities, he

The HR (human

resource) manager plays an important role in the life of an employee as the

However, it is

quite annoying that you work very hard but when appraisals take place, you get

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