'Man Trolls Shah Rukh For His Comment On Daughter

Rukh For His Comment On Daughter

However, the “Don”

actor is also trending online for one more reason as an online user was

Suhana Khan, the

young actress is going to make her acting debut with Zoya Akhtar directed “The

The beautiful

girl is already a star and enjoys a huge fan following on social media platforms

Few days

ago, she posted an image of herself from an event which she attended in a

Seriously, I don't

know about you, but what kind of father comments such a thing on his

While there were

few who supported the Twitter user, the majority slammed him for being disrespectful towards

Some men don’t

see every woman in their life as sexual objects

He doesn’t

see a “sexy dress” he sees his baby girl who looks beautiful and elegant

what is wrong

in what he said? a father can't call his daughter baby or elegant?

straight up

exposing yourself as a man that is not marriage material or father material

“Everyone Said I Had

Issues & I Also Felt That,”