'Man Shares Pic Of His Morning Tea, Annoyed Chai

Of His Morning Tea, Annoyed Chai

Tea is a

very important part of our lives, in fact it won’t be wrong to

It’s such

an amazing drink that we can have it any time, in the morning when

While some people

like their tea strong with less milk, few want it very sweet and there

However, netizens got

a little annoyed after a Twitter user posted a photo of tea which he

He shared

the image with the caption, “Good morning, morning tea, Aap ke yahan chai ko kya

First of all,

take a look at the pic of tea shared by the Twitter user:

Good morning, morning

tea 🔥 Aap ke yahan chai ko kya bolte hain 😊 pic

There were

some who told him that they would tell what tea is called in their home

मेरे यहाँ तो

बाद में बताऊँगी मगर आपके यहाँ शायद दूध बोलते हैं

Sir aap ko

bhi Chai bol kar Horlicks thoosa ja raha hai? I did that to my

Man Sends Sweet &

Simple Text To Ask A Girl