'Man Sends Sweet & Simple Text To Ask A

& Simple Text To Ask A

Asking a girl

for a date is not as easy as it may look and the biggest

Recently, a Twitter

user named Sarah Weaver took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and posted the message

The message

is pretty simple and he was really smooth while asking Sarah for going out

 “Would you be

interested in letting me take you on a date sometime? We have a lot

I don’t

live terribly far from Hillsdale, I’d be happy to drive down sometime and

In another tweet,

Sarah has shared the pic of her engagement ring:

The caption of

the tweet read, “Can’t wait to love you forever, Chase!!! ”

Can’t wait to

love you forever, Chase!!! ❤️ @Blacksmith1861 pic

Twitterati just loved

the way how things took place between the couple and this is how people

This is an

incredible first message and I wish more men would take note… if you’re

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बंद करने की आदेश हुआ जारी।।