'Man Comes Back After 11 Yrs For Paying Fee

After 11 Yrs For Paying Fee

When a commitment

is made, a person needs to stick to it and fulfill it as it

The profession of

a doctor is among the most respected professions of the world and doctors like

Bhagwant Singh

who works as a surgeon at Akal Hospital, Patiala, makes us respect the doctors more

Bhagwant Singh

operated a person named Ram Sahai and removed his appendix as Ram Sahai was not

Bhagwant Singh

because of his poor financial condition and the latter also demanded nothing from the patient

Bhagwant Singh

told Ram Sahai that he can pay him whenever he has money and over the

Singh didn’t

even remember anything about Ram Sahai or money

Recently, Ram Sahai

who is basically from Haridwar visited Patiala in order to pay the fees to

Singh was

not in the town and when he came, he became emotional after knowing that Ram

A journalist posted

the video on Twitter with the caption, “What a great example of honesty and

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