'Maharajas’ Express Presidential Suite Ticket Costs Almost Rs 20

Suite Ticket Costs Almost Rs 20

But do you

know that the Indian Railways also runs luxurious trains which can give you a

One such

train is Maharajas’ Express which literally gives the feeling of travelling in a palace

This is

what the official website of the train speaks about how it makes your journey special

If you’re

also fascinated by the king-sized lifestyle of India’s erstwhile royalty, then here is

Cocooned in

an aura of royal luxury and exclusivity, The Maharajas’ Express recreates that exclusive experience for

Here are few

photos which can give you an idea of the interiors and the royal facilities

8 lakhs for

a Deluxe Cabin, the most expensive package for Presidential Suite for a tour is around

A content

creator recently posted a video on his Instagram account in which he showed the Presidential

What is your

opinion about the train and the package? Will you opt for this train?

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