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Doesn’t Do Falling Over

Madonna rollerskates with an entourage to prevent her from falling

Her Madgesty took to the roller rink in Central Park on Wednesday night

where she was surrounded by an entourage to make sure she didn’t eat it.

Thus cushioned from anything so common as gravity, she hosted a party with Nile Rodgers at his The DiscOasis immersive roller rink.

Apparently, it was the disco legend who enlisted Madonna’s team of escorts to prevent her from “busting her ass.”

Rodgers, who produced Madonna’s “Like A Virgin,” said he was getting pressure from pals to skate at the party and he responded, “I’m only going to skate if M skates.”

But that took some convincing. He told his crew that Madonna, 63, had some reservations, asking, “What if I bust my ass?

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