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Joey Votto Caps Off Field Of Dreams Game 

‘What an all-time experience’: Joey Votto caps off Field of Dreams game with heartfelt message

The Field of Dreams game has come and gone, with the Chicago Cubs defeating the Cincinnati Reds 4-2.

 Although his team lost, Joey Votto had the time of his life.

Votto, who recorded a walk and a strikeout during the contest in the cornfield, was visibly excited to play a game honoring the iconic Kevin Costner movie. 

Following the game, Votto borrowed one of the most famous quotes from the movie to express his gratitude, saying that it was an “all-time experience.”

Leading up to the game, Votto went into detail about what the movie means to him. He explained that he feels a great connection to Ray Kinsella, 

Costner’s character, because of the profound love he has for his father and the desire to play catch one last time.

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