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Inflation relief: Who is eligible to receive up to $350

Georgia announced $1 billion destined to millionsof families. Georgia residents will obtain $350 in payments.

According to the information released by Georgia State Government, just people enrolled in assistance programs and vulnerable residents will obtain the $350.

People with an active enrollment get the $350 offered by Georgia. If your family has more than one person enrolled in the program, they are also eligible.

What if I'm enrolled in multiple programs? If an individual joins two or more programs, they will receive just one payment.

However, if you live with four people and all four people enroll in at least one program, the household will receive $1,400.

According to reports, the DHS will contact eligible residents through the Georgia Gateway Portal. There is no application to fulfill for eligible residents.

Verify your data, and update your contact information to avoid delays in your payment. State figures illustrate that two million people receive Medicaid alone in Georgia.

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