'Indian Twitterati Schools Brad Hogg For His Biased Tweet

Brad Hogg For His Biased Tweet

A number of

former cricketers especially from Pakistan have slammed the umpire for calling the ball as

The Pakistani

team also demanded the umpires to declare the delivery dead on which the Indian batters

Why was no

ball not reviewed, then how can it not be a dead ball when Kohli

Soon Indian cricket

fans fulfilled the responsibility of clearing the doubts of Brad Hogg:

This screenshot

is from the source ICC offical handle shared a while back

I think

a team got a 4 the other day from a bowled on a free hit

I agree that

they should use ball tracking for high full tosses

Remove the

umpire guessing, let the software do the guessing

That is the

punishment for bowling no ball, don't u understand the concept of free hit, it's

Agree on the

no-ball but why would it be a dead ball? That's not the rule on

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