'“I Was Like Main Iske Liye 2 Saal Se

Main Iske Liye 2 Saal Se

Recently in an

interview, Virat Kohli talked about his 71st century and how he felt after scoring

He said

that the ball he played before he touched the 100 mark, he felt that he was

He further

said that he went for a six on the next ball but as he got

In his words,

“The ball before I got to the 100, is the time I felt, oh I

But the

thing is that as soon as I go the 100, I laughed so hard

He further added

that he said to himself that just for these 2 seconds, he let himself go

He adds

that the next day the Sun comes out again and it won’t be the

Virat Kohli

stated that it was so funny and he laughed a lot

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