'“Hum Nuksan Ke Liye Kyu Karenge,” Bhushan Kumar Hits

Liye Kyu Karenge,” Bhushan Kumar Hits

Bollywood went through

a very tough phase last year as many movies including the ones of A-list

Recently, the famous

Bollywood producer-director Karan Johar states that there are many delusional actors in the industry

Now, producer and

managing director of T-Series, Bhushan Kumar has also spoken on this issue during an

Bhushan Kumar

says that though the situation has changed a little as there are many actors who

He goes on

to say that there are some actors who are adamant regarding their fees and

According to

Bhushan Kumar, they also tell those actors that they are not interested in working with

20-25 crore

for a single movie and it is the makers who have to bear the brunt

Bhushan Kumar also

confirms that they are working on the third movie of the “Bhool Bhulaiyaa” series

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