How To Turn OFF Talkback On Android?

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How To Turn OFF Talkback On Android Stop Your Phone From Talking To You.

Did you just pick up your phone, and it starts talking to you? Like it's reading aloud what's on your screen to you?

 Well, you might be wondering at first, but you don’t need to. It’s the Android TalkBack feature at work. And here, we’ll tell you how to turn off TalkBack on Android if you don’t need it. 

TalkBack is an accessibility service developed to help visually impaired and blind people use Android devices to their fullest.

It acts as a screen-reader and controller when activated. With that, the visually impaired, blind, or anyone who chooses to enable it can have eyes-free control of their device.

TalkBack has continued to be a beneficial feature on Android. Of course, it brings the fullest of Android to anyone alive. 

However, if your eyes are clearly working and you’re not feeling lazy, waking up to see your phone speak to you can be worrisome. 

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