'“Heroes Felt Threatened & My Scenes Were Edited,” Johnny

& My Scenes Were Edited,” Johnny

It is

being said that there was a time when Johnny Lever used to do 12-14 movies

Johnny Lever started

his career as a stand-up comedian and he used to imitate popular Bollywood actors

Later on,

he got the chance to show his skills in movies and he was showered with

Recently, the senior

actor gave an interview in which he talked about why he is not seen

Johnny Lever

also spoke about the old times and told that how he improvised his scenes and

In 2022, Johnny

Lever worked in two movies – Rohit Shetty’s “Cirkus” and a Gujarati flick entitled “Jaysuk

He further said

that sometimes lead actors of movies used to watch the reaction of public on

Johnny Lever has

worked in almost 300 movies and he feels that comedy was given more respect in

Johnny Lever’s daughter

Jamie is a famous comedian and his son Jessy is also following his

We really miss

Johnny Lever’s magical comic timing and ROFLing moments on big screen, do you?

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