'Here’s Why India Is One Of The Nations That

Is One Of The Nations That

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talk about the difficulties that we are facing because of the increasing temperature every

5 mm in

the global mean sea level in the period ranging from 2013 to 2022 and it can easily

In this report,

WMO has specified that between 1901 and 2018, the global mean sea level has increased by 0

5 degrees Celsius,

still sea-level will increase at a good pace

The experts are

of the opinion that India is already facing problems because of global sea-level rise

In terms

of surface warming, Indian Ocean is the fastest warming ocean and cyclones are developing rapidly

There is

an increase in flooding and cyclones are also coming with more and more rain with

In 2021, the

Ministry of Earth Sciences stated in Lok Sabha that on an average, the sea-level along

Difficult days ahead,

what do you have to say in this regard?

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