'Heavenly blend of Electronic and Pop music in Trix’s

Electronic and Pop music in Trix’s

Sanjog Bhushan, professionally

known as Trix, will soon release his latest album “Heaven” on SoundCloud and other

The album

is making waves amongst music enthusiasts worldwide, as Trix showcases his versatility and mastery as

“Heaven” consists of

nice tracks that have been carefully crafted to convey specific emotions and experiences, while

From the

upbeat “Taking My Time” to the introspective “In Love,” the album offers a wide range

Trix’s passion for

music is evident in each track of the album

His love

and dedication are reflected in every beat and lyric, making for an album that is

Trix takes

his listeners on a journey through his thoughts and experiences with his unique sound

One of the

standout tracks of the album is the title track, “Heaven

” The song

features Trix’s smooth tropical house style and a catchy sax beat that will have

The lyrics

talk about the journey of finding oneself, making it a perfect track for anyone going

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