'Hasan Raza Epic Trolled For Saying, “Chain Kulii Ki

Trolled For Saying, “Chain Kulii Ki

Recently, Hasan Raza

who is the owner of few cricket academies in Islamabad gave an interview in

He said

that he was in a meeting where some people were talking about match-fixing and as

He added

that after six months when he was in Pakistan, the videos of him in the

Hasan Raza

further said that when he went to India, there were many who contacted him and

He stated

that though he was treated bad, he never lost heart

Hasan Raza

praised his mother and wife for supporting him in the tough times, he added that

Hasan Raza

said that such downfall was unbearable for him but he kept on working hard

He opened

his academies and after 7 yrs, he was able to achieve financial stability

However, what left

everyone rolling on the floor is the statement which he recently made as per

2007 released movie

was directed by Karanjeet Saluja and it starred Rahul Bose, Zain Khan and others in

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