'Govt Job & Agarwal Sweets Memes Break The Internet

Agarwal Sweets Memes Break The Internet

The craze for

government jobs in the Indian households is still pretty high in the present times

Earlier getting

a government job used to be the aim of almost each and every person but

When Parag Agarwal

was hired as the CEO of Twitter, it was a moment of pride for

Conversation between #ParagAgrawal

and #ELONMUSK #TwitterTakeover pic

#ELONMUSK after #TwitterTakeover

and firing #ParagAgrawal , Ned Segal and Vijay Gadde 😂 pic

— ☬Tђe͢͢͢ຮɪngђ☬ 🇮🇳

(@MajhewalaSingh) October 28, 2022

— Priyanka Banubakode

↗️ (@PriyaBanubakode) October 28, 2022

Elon Musk to

Parag agarwal after taking over twitter#ELONMUSK pic

Elon Musk to

Parag Agarwal after taking over Twitter: Now you have to go and find some

This is

my world now😎😉😁…#ELONMUSK #Musk #ParagAgrawal #Twitter pic

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