'Goibibo’s Ridiculously Practical Merch Will Steal All Your Travel

Merch Will Steal All Your Travel

Whenever we hear

the term “travel,” many of us immediately think of long lines, difficulties, and inconveniences

But then

I think about Goibibo, and all those ‘hassles’ go puff… and evaporate into thin air,

And now, Goibibo

is launching something new to further improve our vacations, and we can’t wait

If life is

a journey and travelling means experiencing life twice, then having the proper travel gear

Goibibo’s newest products

strive to fulfill the maxim “juggjuggjiyo

Remember the time

you fought for your right on the plane so that your elbows could rest

Do you recall

the shampoo and soap bars from the toiletries tray screaming “take us with you”?

How quickly did

the panic set in when you noticed your travel documents were not in your

And yes, the

wish to go to the restroom after being cooped up for almost two hours?

If there was

ever a tug-of-war championship between elbows, airplanes would be the best place to host

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