'From Vivek Oberoi To SSR, These Bollywood Celebrities Struggled

To SSR, These Bollywood Celebrities Struggled

One of the

most promising actors of the industry left everyone in a state of shock when

It is

completely true that not everything that glitters is gold and there is a dark side

However, his

stardom got faded as some of his flicks tanked on the box-office which made him

A lot

was expected from him but after some of his movies failed to perform on the

“Katti Batti”

was his last release after which he decided to quit acting

The actress was

known for her glamorous roles and she was one of the highest paid actresses

Though she

had a great career, in 1983 she quit Bollywood and started career as an interior designer,

Later on,

there were reports that she suffered with paranoid schizophrenia because of which she broke relationships

She also

suffered with diabetes and in 2005, she was found de*d in her apartment

As per

police, there was no foul play and she lost her life due to total organ

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