'Food Blogger Tries Jalebi With Spicy Aloo Sabzi, Video

Jalebi With Spicy Aloo Sabzi, Video

Jalebi is one

of the most loved sweet dishes of Indians and it won’t be wrong

It is

definitely served to guests especially in the north Indian states and people have it as

While some

like to have jalebi as it is, few like to have it with milk or

Well it is

quite a weird combination because jalebi is sweet in taste and aloo sabzi is

However, you

will be surprised to know that jalebi with aloo sabzi is pretty famous in Mathura

A food

blogger Palak Kapoor posted a video of having the dish on her Instagram account and

She captioned the

video as, “Tried the most weird food combo ever! Apparently, Jalebi with Aloo ki

The video has

been liked by more than 8K people as of now but many are not

Some are

saying that people are coming up with just any combination while others call it a

On the

other hand, there are also some who have actually tried and liked this combination and

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