Don't Throw Your Old TV-Out

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It can seem like a pain to figure out how best to recycle or dispose of electronics properly, but it's worth it. While you might go through many TVs in your lifetime, we've only got one planet.

Whether you've recently replaced your old LED TV with a fancy new OLED or QLED TV or have a boxy CRT TV gathering dust in your basement or garage

there are much better ways to pass on these complex devices that have brought you hours of comfort and joy than dumping them unceremoniously on the sidewalk.

Here are some options to consider before (or, hopefully, entirely in lieu of) simply throwing your old TV in the trash or on the curb.

I used to rescue CRTs from sidewalks all the time, and I've never once brought one home and found that it didn't work.

It's a little baffling that someone would take a perfectly functional TV and just toss it out, but it happens all the time.

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