'“Disrespectful & Pathetic,” Naseem Shah Slammed For Mocking &

Naseem Shah Slammed For Mocking &

Recently, the Pakistani

cricketer Naseem Shah created a controversy after he body-shamed his fellow Pakistani cricketer Azam

After that,

Naseem Shah was seen copying the walking style of Azam Khan and it was clearly

This incident didn’t

go well with majority of the viewers, though there were few who defended

Naseem Shah mocking

his country fellow Azam Khan isnt good even for fun sake Meanwhile Azam Khan

we all know

how mature and innocent Naseem shah is, he might have done wrong but I’

On a

side note, I didn’t see any bad/negative tweet when shadab khan literally did

To me appears

a naseem shah is implying he is “macho “with lots of power and how

These 10 seconds

would've been forgotten as many others there and then, but no, our love for making

Something to laugh

about , it's disgusting actually, body shaming 🚩

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