'Digital Financial Security – How MobiKwik Handles App Security

– How MobiKwik Handles App Security

MobiKwik is

one of the most popular digital payment applications in India

It has

been around for a long time and has a wide range of features

MobiKwik offers

its users a lot of options to manage their money and make payments

The company

also allows its users to download their payment application for free

One amongst the

most significant aspects of any online payment app is its security system

MobiKwik has

done a good job when it comes to keeping its own users’ data safe from

A biometric

lock is more secure than a PIN or password because it doesn’t rely on

This implies that

if someone attempts to steal your phone, they won’t be able to use

Host Card Emulation

(HCE) Powered Technology is a technology that allows mobile devices to emulate a smart

It’s the

most secure way of making a payment and offers more comfort for users because

Multipreneur Asli Daud talks

about India being a top supplier