'Darsheel Safary Was Bullied For His Teeth & Height

Bullied For His Teeth & Height

Ishaan was

dyslexic but his parents were completely unaware of his condition and always scolded him for

Darsheel Safary is

25 yrs old now and he is making a comeback in acting with a movie

Darsheel expected

that he would establish himself as an actor by the age of 25 as he was

He also stated

that he was very scared of Aamir Khan who was just like a father

He added

that whenever he made mistakes, he felt that he would be shouted at but that

Earlier in an

interview, Darsheel Safary stated that he would surely like to work with Janhvi Kapoor

Let’s see whether

Darsheel Safary will be successful in impressing audiences with his latest release or

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